Loans to Professionals

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Loans to Professionals

Loans To Professionals For Office For Their Professional Practice:

Loans to Professional
Purpose :
Purchase/ Extension/ Modification / Renovation of Commercial Premises for carrying on own Professional Practice & Purchase of Equipments.

Eligibility : Resident Indian Professionals. Loans can also be Sanctioned to Company or Partnership firm of such Professional.

Loan Term : 10 Years.

Repayment Mode : Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) - Monthly Rest..

Security :

  • 1. Equitable/ Registered Mortgage of the Premise for which the Loan is raised.
  • 2. Demand Promissory Note.
  • 3. Personal Guarantee of Directors / Partners, as Applicable.
  • 4. In case of Companies, Registration of Charges in R.O.C.

    Addl. Security : Hypothecation of Equipment, if financed

    Rate Of Interest : Contact nearest Area Office for details on the Interest rate